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TechCast is an academic research project that depends on subscriptions for support. Our Professional Subscription is $950/year, and our Temporary Subscription is $250 for 3 months with Month-to-Month renewals at $95/month.

Professional Subscription - $950/year For General Managers, Technology Officers, CIOs, Strategic Planners, Technology Transfer, Business Development, and others who need to stay abreast of technology on a continuing basis. Our Professional Membership includes the following benefits

Access to the entire TechCast data base, including technology forecasts on roughly 70 emerging technologies, data tables, bubble charts, Hot News, Critical Issues, articles and other publications -- which can all be printed out for personal use.

Constant updates of all this information keeps the site current, new technologies are always being added, and innovative features are in progress to keep members at the cutting-edge of innovation.

Renewal Notices remind subscribers that their subscription is expiring and make it easy to re-subscribe.

Member Newsletter – TechNews – is emailed to you monthly with breaking developments in technology and change.

Tools including our Create Your Own Forecast system, Guide to Adoption Curves, Strategic Planning Service, and other methods being developed on emerging technologies.

Discounts of Consulting Services can save serious money.

Occasional advice by telephone and email

Temporary 3-Month Subscription - $250   For those who need forecasts for a short-term study, strategic plan, or other temporary project, our 3-Month Subscription offers all of the main benefits above except tools, advice, and consulting discounts. At the end of your 3-Month Subscription, you will have the option to upgrade to a Professional Subscription, to purchase another 3-Month Subscription, or to continue on a Month-to-Month plan for $95/month.

Professional Subscription - $950/year