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Value Proposition All organizations need technology forecasts for their strategic planning because technology drives the creative destruction of markets, introduces disruptive products and services, and alters the way organizations work. Managers often try to develop their own forecasts, but the time and cost are considerable and the results mediocre. TechCast offers convenient, authoritative technology forecasts on the most strategic technologies in all fields. Clients can simply print or copy selected forecasts, bubble charts, articles, and other items to create a unique report defining the technology future facing their organization. People tell us “There's nothing else like it.” See FAQ

Background    The TechCast forecasting system was developed by Professor William E. Halal and his associates at George Washington University and George Mason University. Our forecasts have been published in scientific journals and widely reported in The Washington Post, The Futurist, and other media. Results are subscribed to by corporations and governments around the globe. An earlier version called “The GW Forecast” was conducted by mail, but this version has been online since 1998. The website now approaches 1million hits/year, and we have assisted Corning, AOL, the U.S. Government, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Litton, Parsons, and other organizations. See Clients/Praise  A report from the National Academies rates TechCast as possibly the best technology forecasting system in the world, and a Google search for "technology forecasts" ranks us No. 2 or 3 out of 4 million hits.

Research Method Our researchers scan the literature and media, interview authorities, and draw on other sources to identify trends and other background data on roughly 70 emerging technologies. This data is summarized to guide the estimates of 100 technology officers, research scientists and engineers, scholars, and other experts. See Experts Results are aggregated to forecast the most likely year each breakthrough will occur, the potential economic demand, and confidence level. We find this method to be very powerful. It can forecast any issue, results are replicable within +/- 3 years, and the process enhances understanding. See Methodology

Navigating the Site Although TechCast offers complex information on 70 technologies, the site is designed for clarity and ease of use. The heart of the system - our technology forecasts - can be accessed by two paths: 1) Through the Forecast Tables, which provides tabular data sorted by field, year, etc. and 2) Through the Strategic Breakthroughs bubble charts which graphically identify promising technologies. Other functions are organized in a normal manner.