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TechCast Interviewed by Playboy Magazine

TechCast was interviewed recently for an article in Playboy forecasting the top five technologies that are likely to dominate the next few years.

Washington, DC - Thursday, February 02, 2006 - The Playboy interviewer invited TechCast's views because the site is becoming widely recognized as a crucial source of authoritative knowledge on emerging technology. Here's a quick summary of the top five technologies TechCast offered for dominating the next five years:

Wireless Applications are growing at 60% per year and the field is passing through more powerful generations every year or two.

Biometrics Fingerprints, iris scans, facial features, and other unique forms of identification are poised to transform the way security is managed.

Hybrid Cars Toyota is using hybrid technology on its entire line of almost 20 models and Ford is moving in the same direction.

Pervasive Networks With 3 billion chips now in use and 1 trillion expected in a few years, the world is being connected in a dense web of intelligence.

Digital Convergence As TV goes digital, we can expect all forms of content to flow seamlessly between PCs, TVs, cell phones, and almost any other device




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