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TechCast 5.0 Coming

Saturday, March 17, 2007

TechCast has struggled with web design for several years as our first sites were built by graduate students and lone designers. Now that we have been offering subscriptions for the past year, response has been so strong that we can now afford to build our first professionally designed site. We recently contracted with Gravitate/Unifusion Web Design to construct a more interactive version that will provide a far more sophisticated level of performance. This is a first-class company and we expect to have a first-class site with exciting new features:

• The homepage will be redesigned to highlight recent postings of special interest and a “Quick Tour” of what TechCast is about, starting with our Flash movie.

• We are adding “Hot Issues” – authoritative analyses of a dozen or so critical issues in technology, including survey results from our visitors and experts.

• Subscribers will enjoy a variety of “Tools,” including a system for conducting their own forecast using their own experts on any topic of interest.

• Visitors will be invited to sign up for the new “TechCast Newsletter.”

• A “Partners” section will invite other organizations to distribute TechCast subscriptions, become supporting sponsors, and explore other partnerships.

• Bubble charts will be automated to update results in real time.

I feel confident TechCast 5.0 will provide a huge boost in our services and far greater interest. This coincides with my move to emeritus status from George Washington University, which will allow me to become full-time president of TechCast. I hope to make TechCast a serious business with wide influence and resources to invest in other projects.

So look for our more active presence in cyberspace soon. Until then the present site will remain fully operational. For those thinking of subscribing, you might want to sign up now to lock in the current rates.

Thanks for your support, Bill

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