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Consulting Services

The TechCast team can also provide a variety of fee-based services offering special advantages. Because TechCast is an academic organization, we can provide especially sophisticated studies at reasonable rates. TechCast has conducted projects for a number of corporations, governments, and other organizations, drawing on the talents of our panel of experts from around the world and the intellectual resources in Washington, D.C.

Customized studies can be designed to focus on any technology or industry, either for individual clients or multiple clients. The TechCast team will work with your organization to identify your needs, assess the state-of-the-art, forecast breakthroughs, estimate market potential, analyze crucial issues, and other strategic studies.

Strategic dialogues are organized to facilitate strategy meetings for an organization or entire industry. Typically, a study is conducted as above, and the project is carried to a more ambitious phase by engaging clients in collectively analyzing the strategic implications of their study data.

Presentations can be customized for your purpose.  The TechCast team constantly speaks to business and government audiences of all sizes on topics such as the following:

·        Forecasts of the Technology Revolution

·        The Imperatives of Knowledge

·        Building the Intelligent Enterprise

·        Institutional Change

·        Leading from the Bottom-Up & the Outside-In

·        Creating Continuous Change

Licensing the TechCast Site

Organizations that feel a need for intensive use of TechCast might wish to consider licensing the site. Generally speaking, if more than 5 or 6 people in the organization use Techcast, a license is probably cost-effective.

Licensing arrangements start at roughly $10,000 per year, and are customized to the size of the organization and the extent of modifications desired. License restrictions prohibit sales to third parties and unauthorized site changes.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact:
William E. Halal
[email protected]

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