TechCast President’s Message

Welcome to TechCast. This site contains a wealth of the most authoritative, carefully organized technology forecasts on emerging technologies, outlining how the future of science and technology is likely to unfold. We offer trend analyses of 70 critical emerging technologies, the most likely year each technology will go mainstream, the estimated market potential, incisive articles, hot issues, bubble charts, partnership opportunities, and more. This is possibly the best technology forecasting system in the world. A Google search for "technology forecasts" ranks TechCast No. 2 or 3 out of 5 million hits.

This work is based on research that pools the collective knowledge of 100 leading experts as well as our consulting for corporations and governments. We’ve learned that emerging technologies, their adoption cycle, and social impacts follow well-prescribed patterns that can be forecast quite accurately. Our most striking conclusion is that breakthroughs are appearing everywhere. We can now envision replacing oil with renewable energy, genetic control over the process of life, computer power becoming infinite and cheap, and much more to come.

All information featured on the home page is free, although a nominal fee is required to subscribe to all of our technology forecasts. We invite you to browse, get our newsletter, and participate in any way you like.


    Professor William E. Halal
    George Washington University
    President, TechCast