Technology Hot Issues

Hot Issues cut across emerging technologies to focus on points of great technological uncertainty and social controversy. TechCast brings together our technology forecast data and other evidence to frame issues, and we survey our visitors on these crucial questions. Here are the issues presently covered, although others will be added:

Technologies of Consciousness   TechCast is thinking of adding "Technologies of Consciousness" (ToC) as a new field of study. Consciousness is poorly understood but of growing importance because it represents a great frontier beyond knowledge. This survey is a preliminary attempt to explore 6 ToCs we are thinking of using in this new field, plus 3 technologies we now cover. You will find this intriguing, and we would appreciate your advice. 

Global Megacrisis Survey: Four Scenarios on a Pessimism-Optimism Axis   The global megacrisis of climate change, peak oil & energy shortages, environmental pollution, armed conflict, terrorism, and other threats to the social order are analyzed from the opposing viewpoints of Bill Halal and Mike Marien. Then we invite you to respond to a survey evaluating the likelihood of 4 scenarios running from most pessimistic to most optimistic. This is the biggest issue of our time, and we think you will find the results and the survey itself thought-provoking.

Upsala Glacier What to do About Global Warming?      People have recently accepted the threat of climate change, but many are adamant this is simply a natural cycle that humans cannot control. To what extent is global warming just a blip in nature or caused by carbon fuels? What should be done to alleviate the threat?  

Human mind Can AI Automate Human Consciousness?      With computer power poised to match the brain by 2020, scientists think AI will soon replace human thought. But most people think there is something fundamentally superior about the human mind. Is computer intelligence capable of replacing human consciousness?  Or does the mind inherently transcend information and knowledge?