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Baltimore Sun

"Professor Halal and his associates have charted the emergence of 85 crucial technologies, complete with the dates when we will feel their impact." 

Hon. David Watson
Minister of Public Works, Australia 

"We found your study on emerging technologies extremely interesting." 

Captain R.B. Laning
US Navy 

"TechCast is fascinating."

Wink Sutton
New Zealand Forestry Service 

"I agree with your conclusion that the Technology Revolution will transform civilization." 

 Naoya Sugio
Mainichi Shimbun (Tokyo) 

"TechCast is fantastic." 

Dr. Aviva Brecher

 "We have followed with interest your emerging technologies forecast and are incorporating the findings into our strategic planning."

Betsy Irwin
Federal Reserve 

"TechCast is comprehensive and organized in a very useful fashion."

Lee Hong Kee
Samsung Corp.

"TechCast left me very deeply impressed."

Michael Michaelis
Michaelis &
 Associates, Inc.

"The site design is outstanding, and the interactive features draw you in, whether you have time or not. A great project." 

Carl Pistorius
University of Pretoria 

"I found TechCast very stimulating."




AMD Corporation

Israeli Government

Toyota Corporation

SRI International

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Asian Development Bank

Australian Broadcasting Service

European Union Research Centre

The Kiplinger Report

State of Nebraska

Scientific American

Reuters TV News Service

Dannon Group

Jane's Defense Weekly - London

Toyo Keizai - Japan

The Tampa Tribune

Economic Times of India

HSBC Securities

Smart Technologies Inc

University of Wisconsin

Giga Information Corp

Institute for Systems and Innovation

Media/Mente TV- Italy

Portugal Times

Sandia Labs

Université Lyon

 France Telecommunications


 Technology Network

Association Trends

Technological Challenges

Mainichi Shimbun -Tokyo

McLean's Magazine - Canada

PR Reporter

Smith Brandon International

Wilmington Star