News release

TechCast Presents at Conference on Space Policy

 TechCast was invited to present results of its space forecasts at an international conference sponsored by the National Defense University at Fort     McNair, Washington, DC.

The conference was titled “Toward Theory of Space Power” and was held April 25-26, 2007. Speakers and attendees came form all major nations, including Russia, China, Canada, Italy, Germany, Australia, and Japan. Topics covered the entire gamut of space, from technology to international cooperation.
The TechCast presentation focused on prospects that Space Tourism will soon initiate a major move to private space ventures. We also explored the prospect that this wave of private space projects might in time launch migrations into space, much as the Wild West was settled a century ago. It turned out that another panel member had paid $400,000 to reserve two seats on a Virgin Galactic space flight, which made the discussion especially immediate.

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