News release

Top Intelligence Conference

TechCast Participates in “Emerging Technologies that Could Change the World” Conference held by the U.S. Director of National Intelligence.
Prof. William E. Halal, President of TechCast, was invited to serve on the concluding panel of the Conference on “Emerging Technologies that Could Change the World.” The all-day meeting was organized by the Office of Ambassador John Negroponte, who was appointed Director of National Intelligence following the September 11 attacks to coordinate national intelligence among all agencies of the U.S. Government.
The Conference brought together about 60 representatives of Federal agencies, research laboratories, major technology companies, think tanks, and other organizations who lead technology development in the U.S. Working groups evaluated prospects for advances in Power, Biometrics, Cognitive Science, Information Technology, and Medicine. The concluding panel, at which TechCast was represented, summed up the threats and opportunities facing the United States and National strategies for technology leadership.