News release

Federal Trade Commission to Use TechCast Advice

The FTC's Tech-Ade Program enlists a TechCast blog to respond to questions on technology.
The Federal Trade Commission is hosting a major program called "Tech-Ade" focusing on how technogical breakthroughs will shape life for consumers. TechCast was invited to participate.
We will be fielding questions invited under a "Ask the Experts" feature of the FTC site at You are invited to go to the site and participate. Following is the invitation:


Next week, you will have two chances to connect with experts of the next Tech-ade and ask them about developments in their fields when Martin E. Abrams and William Halal answer questions as part of the Tech-ade Blog’s “Ask the Experts” series.

Abrams is Executive Director of the Center for Information Policy Leadership at Hunton & Williams LLP []. He is available to answer your questions about global data flows and privacy and information security issues. He has nearly thirty years experience as a policy innovator working to find practical solutions to privacy and security problems.

Halal is Professor of Science, Technology and Innovation at George Washington University. He will be discussing what the Technology Revolution holds in store for businesses and consumers. Since 1985, Halal has conducted the TechCast Project [], in which he surveys experts periodically to forecast technology breakthroughs in key fields. serves as a virtual think tank that pools the knowledge of global experts and distributes forecasts in real time.

To participate in either of these exciting online discussions, please submit your question(s) for one or both of these experts to the comments section underneath this entry or email them to [email protected] by Monday, October 23rd. Then check back here next week when our experts’ answers will be posted!