Introducing TechCast 6.0
Introducing TechCast 6.0

This Sixth Generation of TechCast has new features on a bright new homepage,
 advancing our lead as possibly the best forecasting system in the world.

Introducing TechCast 6.0:  The Sixth Generation of TechCast We at TechCast are excited about this sixth generation of our website, and we hope our experts, subscriber-members, and visitors will be also.  In addition to our smashing new homepage, here are some new features to look for:

·       Expert Optimism/Pessimism Ratings   Continuing in our belief that transparency is useful, we now introduce O/P Ratings for each expert on our panel (link).  O/P Ratings highlight the difference between each experts forecasts and those of the entire TechCast panel, raising thought-provoking questions about which is right?

·       Temporary Subscriptions    Our Professional Subscription ($950/yr) continues to grow, but we now introduce temporary subscriptions for those with short-term needs.  You can subscribe for 3 months at $250, with $95 month-to-month renewals.

·       Constant Updating   Getting good background data on 70 different forecasts is a challenge. We now have a full team of editors who constantly scan for new trends and almost 130 experts who update their estimates periodically. TechCast will keep you at the cutting edge.

·       TechCast Consulting Services  Demand for applying the TechCast knowledge base to organizational strategy have led us to broaden our consulting services. We can help you with customized strategic studies, setting up planning and forecasting systems, workshops and conferences, corporate subscriptions, and more.

We invite you to explore the new site, and please advise us of any bugs, mistakes, or good ideas you may have at

                                                 Prof. William E. Halal, President