TechCast on Small Business Show
TechCast on Small Business Show

Bill Halal Interview with Jim Blasingame

TechCast has been a regular on the Small Business Advocate, a great radio show hosted by Jim Blasingame.

They discussed recent results of TechCast's survey on the Global MegaCrisis, showing that TechCast experts and visitors think there is a 60% chance the world will face major disasters - climate change, ecological collapse, economic depression, nuclear strikes, etc. - and possibly even the loss of civilization in major parts of the globe. To view it a bit differently, the data also show that a majority think we are likely to experience disasters just short of catastrophy, and many think they will be catastrophic.

They both agreed the problem largely is that big business, government, and other institutions no longer work well under these new conditions. 

Click to hear the interview on their site.