The Next IT/E-Commerce Boom
The Next IT/E-Commerce Boom

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TechCast forecasts $43 T global market  

By aggregating TechCast market size estimates, we estimate the global demand for IT products and services to total roughly $ 28 Trillion annually over the next decade or so, and E-Commerce demand on the order of $15 Trillion, for a total of $ 43 Trillion in what is presently a $50 Trillion global economy.

This coming boom is expected to increase to $9 Trillion by 2012, to $24 T by 2015, $36 T by 2020, and $43 T by 2025. The biggest hits are thought to be Artificial Intelligence, Digital Convergence, Global Access, E-Tailing, Intelligent Web, Pervasive Networks, and Smart Phones, each totalling roughly $2 Trillion annually. 

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