Google Adds GPS Nav. on Cell Phones
Google Adds GPS Nav. on Cell Phones

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Creative Destruction Ahead

Google has added free GPS navigation services to cell phones using their new Android software, including real-time traffic data and views of the route. Other companies are likely to follow Google's lead, making stand-alone GPS systems almost obsolete. Shares of the biggest GPS makers - Garmin and TomTom - plunged on the news. This latest salvo in the continuing creative destruction wrought by IT follows the devastating effect of Craig's List on newspaper advertising, which is the major reason major papers are folding or moving online.

A somewhat minor example occured recently in Washington, DC. The nation's capital requires hundreds of couriers riding bikes to deliver important documents to the federal government. But new IT capabilities recently make it possible to send those documents online instead, suddenly rendering all those couriers obsolete.

This creative destruction is likely to accelerate as IT continues to advance into almost every niche of life. As noted in our book, Technology's Promise - "IT changes everything."