New Forecasts
New Forecasts

Quick Results on Intelligent Web and Body Monitoring

Our experts have just posted estimates on two new forecasts  -- The Intelligent Web and Body Monitoring. After just a few days, we have the following quick results:

The Intelligent Web is forecast to enter mainstream use (30% adoption) about 2013 +/- 2 years, and to produce a $680 billion market in the US. Average confidence is 75%.

Body Monitoring 
is expected to enter mainstram use about 2019 +/- 1 year, with a market size of about $510 billion. Confidence is 68%.

It is always fascinating to define new forecasts and then to see our experts produce sound results in days.  There's a margin of error, of course, but the TechCast system goes beyond trends, extrapolations, and speculation to integrate all available knowledge into precise, authoritative forecasts that people can rely on. This ability to produce forecasts on cutting edge technologies in days is quite unique, and it highlights why TechCast gets strong attention. And to provide sound forecasts for 70 or so strategic breakthroughs spanning all of science is amazing. It's also interesting to note that TechCast is a good example of the Intelligent Web itself.