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Feature Articles

July 18, 2011

TechCast at World Future Society

Power Point of Introduction to TechCast panel at the World Future Society Conference in Vancouver. Presentations by Laura Huhn, Jim Kadtke, and Ken Harris to follow.

In the iGaming sector there have been many technological innovations in the development of new slot machines (to keep the RTP constant over time).  On some sites, such as Blackskies.com, you can have no deposit bonus codes to test the latest slots with Real Time Gaming technology.

July 13, 2011

Foresight Article

Dr. Roy Pearson published a fine article on TechCast in Foresight: The International Journal of Applied Forecasting. Roy is Chancellor Professor of Business, William and Mary Mason School of Business, and a long-time TechCast expert.

July 04, 2011

TechCast in Expresso

Article about TechCast's work in Portugal's leading newspaper

June 14, 2011

Cloud Computing


This fine little study by Tim Gibson notes the different types of cloud computing – private, community, public, and hybrid. A survey of 79 computer users then shows that roughly 40% now use cloud, while another 20% are considering it. The survey also shows that people like the performance of cloud but are wary of its security and reliability.

May 30, 2011

TechCast in Rogue Magazine


TechCast is featured in the introduction and the forecasts on Space Tourism, Quantum Computing, and Cancer Cure

May 16, 2011

Arab Spring and the Tech Revolution

The Arab Spring is but the latest manifestation of the revolutionary power of Information Technology. Just like the fall of Communism, it reminds us that more transformative events are likely.

April 26, 2011

Global MegaCrisis Study


Michael Marien and Bill Halal collaborated on this definitive little study of the impending threats of climate change, globalization, energy, economic crises, political instability, nuclear strikes, and other forces driving a global transformation.  While our surveys show that people are deeply pessimistic, the article uses our TechCast data to macro-forecast the way ahead. 

Framing Consciousness


John Sagi was one of our first authors with a fine article "Can Computers Think?" In this new article, he surveys the literature on consciousness to define this poorly understood topic that is now gaining such attention. A graphic illustrates the tentative structure of consciousness.

Business Collaboration Could Transform the Economy

CSM logo

Knowledge on progressive business practices offers an incisive solution to the limitations of markets that caused the 2008 financial meltdown. Redefining corporations into "collaborative enterprises" like Whole Foods, Nucor, and Johnson & Johnson could convert this mess into a bold opportunity to unify left- and right-wing values, resolve today's moral crisis of capitalism, and jumpstart the economy.

Use of Biometrics


Two GWU graduate students, Vivian Chu and Gayathri Rajendran, provide an incisive survey of who is using biometrics, for what purpose, and the pros and cons. With security needs rising, the field has a bright future.

The Next Next Things

This is a beautifully illustrated full-page article that appeared in the Washington Post. It summarizes the work of TechCast, focusing on forecasts in Space Tourism, Intelligent Cars, Telemedicine, Thought Power, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Robots, Alternative Energy, and Cancer Cure.

Forecasts of a New Economic Boom in 2015

TechCast data show emerging technology frontiers are likely to lead the world out of global ecession. Green Business, Climate Control, Alternative Energy, E-Commerce, and other sectors are likely to start the next economic upcycle about 2015.

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Hot News

July 24, 2011

Virtual Education Breakthrough


  Salman Kahn, the lone entrepreneur who developed on online video to help his niece learn math, has stimulated a flood of activity that promises to bring Virtual Education into the mainstream.

July 22, 2011

Possibly the Best


A summary of accomplishments, suggesting that TechCast may possibly be the best forecasting system in the world.

July 17, 2011

Air Tech Taking Off

Sonic Air

A slew of hot aircraft designs wowed people at the Paris Air Show, suggesting that a new breed of green, far faster air tech is taking off.

June 17, 2011

Health Care Scanning and Forecasting


Governments around the world are scanning and forecasting the revolution in medical technologies  

May 11, 2011

The Shock Wave Engine


This brilliant invention at the U. of Michigan may be far better than the old Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) - and good for hybrid cars.

May 11, 2011

The Future of Nuclear Energy


As the world reeled from Japan’s 2011 nuclear disaster, global leaders initiated a moratorium on building nuclear plants and called for strengthening safety regulations.  Where does nuclear energy go from here?

Electricity from the Air


The vision of Nicola Tesla could prove to be valid as researchers find ways to extract electical power from ambient air.

Introducing TechCast 6.0


This Sixth Generation of TechCast has new features on a bright new homepage,  advancing our lead as possibly the best forecasting system in the world.

Solar-Powered Night Flight

Solar Impulse

To boldly demonstrate the enormous advances in batteries and efficient aircraft, the world's first "Solar Aircraft" is planned to fly around the globe nonstop - even through the dark of night.

Nuclear Fusion - Finally


Lasers are being used to create net energy gains and look promising for commercial fusion. 

Video Conferencing Almost Here


Lower costs and good quality have allowed companies like Cisco to delivery video conferencing to the masses. 

Now "dark flow"


Galaxies are found to be speeding toward some mysterious point in the universe. Unable to explain this, scientists are calling it "dark flow" - like dark matter and dark energy.

AI Entering Mainstream


Phones that talk, intelligent search, and more are entering mainsteam use. Google, Intel and other companies are leading the way.

A First for Thought Power

The mind

Using brain-computer interfaces, scientists have taught a monkey to "walk" a robot by simply thinking.  

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Critical Issues

Technologies of Consciousness

Technologies of Consciousness(ToC) is an exciting new field of study. Consciousness is poorly understood but of growing importance because it represents a great frontier beyond knowledge. This survey is a preliminary attempt to explore 6 ToCs we are thinking of adding to TechCast, plus 3 technologies we now cover.

Global Megacrisis Survey

The global megacrisis of climate change, peak oil & energy shortages, to the social order are analyzed from opposing viewpoints. Then we invite you to respond to a survey evaluating the likelihood of 4 scenarios running from most pessimistic to most optimistic. This is the biggest issue of our time, and we think you will find the results thought-provoking.

Great Recession


TechCast and Shaping Tomorrow joined forces to address the economic recession that began with the global stock market collapse of 2008. We invite subscribers and visitors from both sites to offer their thoughts on when the recession is likely to end and what structural changes are needed.

Can AI Automate Human Consciousness?

Human mind

With computer power poised to match the brain by 2020, scientists think AI will soon replace human thought. But most people think there is something fundamentally superior about the human mind. Is computer intelligence capable of replacing human consciousness?  Or does the mind inherently transcend information and knowledge? 

What to do About Global Warming?

Upsala Glacier

Most scientists accept the threat of climate change, but some people argue this is simply a natural cycle that humans cannot control. To what extent is global warming just a blip in nature or caused by carbon fuels? What should be done to alleviate the threat? 

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